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Edda’s French grandfather, an avid art collector, first introduced her to the Fine Arts at the tender age of five, and she fell in love with the French Impressionists especially Monet, Degas, and Renoir. It was after coming to the United States as a young woman that it became clear that photography would become the love of her life. She worked as a receptionist for a great photographer, John Giolas, who mentored and encouraged her to begin formal photographic education and inspired her to become a professional. In pursuit of her dream, she studied at the Winona International School of Professional Photography, Forum du Maquillage in Paris, and Color Charisma Training Center in Atlanta, Georgia. With that training and her gifted eye for color, light, textures and shadows, she began turning out works of art – not with a paintbrush but with a camera.

Edda’s charming studio, resembling an art gallery, can be found on the top floor of the historic Crown Point Courthouse in Northwest Indiana. Its enormous windows allows Edda to “paint” photographs that are creations of light.

Edda holds the degrees of Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman, and is a certified color analyst. An international citizen, in addition to English, Edda is fluent in French, Italian, Greek and Turkish.

Her singular style and photographic accomplishments have distinguished her both nationally and internationally as she has been an honored recipient of both the Gerhard Bakker Memorial Award and the Kurt Lieber Gold Award. Edda is sought out as a guest lecturer throughout the world and has recently taught photography all over the United States, Europe and the Caribbean. She also leads workshops at Purdue and Indiana University.







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